CentraState Healthcare Foundation – Saving Lives Everyday

Since 1971, CentraState has served thousands in the Freehold, New Jersey area providing inpatient, outpatient, emergency care services. The facility also features the state-of-the-art Star and Barry Tobias Ambulatory Campus which is a modern outpatient center that offers a variety of health and wellness programs focused on prevention and rehabilitation. Centra State

A big part of the CentraState Healthcare System is its charitable division, the CentraState Healthcare Foundation. This foundation is the true link between the community and its hospital. Over the past 40 plus years It has been able to raise millions of dollars through generous community efforts. Today, because of the community generosity it has become one of the leading-edge technology medical facilities in the country.

One very important member of this outstanding foundation is philanthropist and humanitarian, Howard Schoor. For the past 25 years, Mr. Schoor has been involved in the CentraState Healthcare Foundation as a member of the Board of Trustees. He served as the Honorary Campaign Chairman of CentraState Healthcare Foundation’s Radiation Therapy Center fundraising effort.

Because of his charitable efforts, Howard Schoor has now been designated an Honorary Trustee and recognized as a Patron of the CentraState Healthcare Foundation’s Circle of Friends Society. This society recognizes and tributes the importance of philanthropy and community involvement in their quest for continuous improvement of patient care.

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American Rescue Dog And Seat Strap

American Rescue Dog is a non-profit organization that is passionate about animal welfare. Its main focus is devoted to raising funds to rescue dogs and helping dogs in need.

For the second year in a row The American Rescue Dog has held the annual “Dinner for the Doggies” fundraising event in Spring Lake Heights, NJ. All profits and proceeds of the event went directly to the organization.AmericanRescueDog

One of the proud sponsors of this event was Seat Strap. Founded by philanthropist, humanitarian and entrepreneur Howard Schoor, Seat Strap is the ultimate automotive accessory that safely holds goods in place on your car seat while driving.

Because of this great event, which raised over $6,000 many animals lives have been saved. For more information and to donate to American Rescue Dog visit For more information on Howard Schoor and Seat Strap visit

Keeping Your Stuff Secure In Your Car Has Never Been Easier

Are you someone that always has “stuff” with you in your car? Whether it be a gym bag, files for work or simply always bringing coffee to the office for your co-workers. With the way driving is these days you want to make sure your stuff is secure just like you are by wearing a seat belt. The last thing you want is hot coffee flying around all over your seats.

Well keeping that stuff safe and secure is now really easy with the help of Seat Strap. Installed in just minutes it will keep almost anything from falling on the floor. Simply strap in your take out food, coffee carrier, laptop bag or anything else and drive with the peace-of-mind that it won’t go anywhere in your travels.Seat Strap

Seat Strap was invented by entrepreneur Howard Schoor, who is also a long time philanthropist and humanitarian donating for years to many of the world’s top charities.

The best part of this must have car accessory is the price. Starting at just $6.95 + $4.95 S/H Mr. Schoor will make sure it gets delivered right to your door. “What are you waiting for”, he says “there is nothing like Seat Strap on the market!” For more information visit  (732)303-0040; 655 Park Avenue, Freehold, NJ 07728;

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Making Small Miracles With Collier Youth Services

Hidden throughout the greens of Central New Jersey is one Collier Youth Services School. But Collier is not like an ordinary middle or high school. It is a secret that has positively changed the lives of young people for nearly a century.

Since 1927 Collier Youth Services has become a place where students with learning disabilities, behavioral problems and emotional stresses can go to receive an alternative education where the classroom becomes more then just a place to get educated but a new family. Collier is a safe haven for students who otherwise felt vulnerable.

Collier Youth ServicesThe school has full time counselors for each student, six full-time certified social work case workers, and a mix of special education and regular education teachers. It offers a state mandated core curriculum, as well as trade classes such as cosmetology, building trades, horticulture and food services. It runs state standardized testing as well as college preparation courses just like typical public and private high schools.

For over 20 years, entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian, Howard Schoor has been an instrumental part in the growth of Collier Youth Services. He in 1986 established the Collier Youth Services Foundation and served as its President for 20 years. Collier Youth Services is a regional, non-profit organization that provides at-risk and handicapped children with a “chance to grow” through its specialized high school, groups homes and other recreational programs.

In honor of his deep dedication, support and service, several years ago Collier Services established the Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund. Because of Howard Schoor’s contributions, Collier Services has literally been able to save lives. To donate to this great organization visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor visit

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Howard Schoor And The Brookdale Community College Foundation

With only so much in government grants to go around, the opportunity to get a college education can be limited for many. Plus with the price of college these days, many people just can’t afford to get the education they always dreamed of. Many that do go to school have to either take out loans, which they will be paying back for half their lives and juggle working full time at the same time to simply pay for their education.

The Brookdale Foundation Scholarship Program at Brookdale Community College was created to help deserving students, who neither qualify for state or federal aid, achieve their dreams of a college degree so they can build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. These students simply “make too much money” according to government formulas to become eligible for grants and because of their situation they have to work more hours and reduce their course load which therefore delays them in achieving their educational goals. BrookdaleCollege

The funds the Foundation raises are made possible by the generous support of alumni, faculty, administration, individuals, companies and organizations who value and recognize the vital role that Brookdale Community College plays in educating people of all backgrounds in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

One of those generous individuals who proudly support this fund is Howard Schoor and the Schoor Family Foundation. A philanthropist, and humanitarian, Howard Schoor has personally donated and help raise millions of dollars in funds to worthy charities including the Brookdale Foundation Scholarship Fund. Because of Howard Schoor’s kindness and dedication additional students can now get the education that they didn’t think was possible.

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The Offer Howard Schoor Couldn’t Refuse

As the Founder and former CEO of a national engineering design firm and experienced residential home builder and land developer, you can imagine that Howard Schoor is a man who has initiated, received and negotiated countless offers.  From 1997 – 2004, Howard was Chairman of Community Bank of New Jersey (CBNJ-NASDAQ) until its sale to Sun National Bank (SNBC-NASDAQ).  In 1998, Mr. Schoor formed another of his many successful companies, HMS Consulting, LLC, a land development and real estate consulting company. 

Additionally, in September 2000, he established the Woodstone group of companies to develop 5,000± acres in Bethel, NY, now known as the Chapin Estate.  With this as his background, it was only recently that he received the offer of a lifetime – one that even Howard Schoor couldn’t refuse.  A keen buyer had an eye on Howard’s custom built home in the Chapin Estate, although it wasn’t for sale.

As one of the principals of The Chapin Estate in Sullivan County, Schoor built himself a most unique home overlooking the Toronto Reservoir.  The entirely south facing estate was a stunning masterpiece that according to David Knudsen’s Sullivan County Real Estate blog, was “…one of the few houses here in Sullivan County that truly qualified as a trophy property.”

Although Schoor’s estate was not listed on the market for sale, he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse.   According to David Knudsen, “The reported sale has been buzzing around real estate circles here for weeks…”  The much talked about sale speaks great volumes not only to Howard’s skill as a land developer and home builder with a vision, but also to the magnificent value these Chapin Estate homes possess.  For Schoor, as a developer of this project, nothing could be a greater testament and compliment to honor his work at Chapin.

Knudsen commented in his blog covering the Howard Schoor offer, “Property falls into two categories-those that are on the market and those that aren’t…Some owners of special properties have no interest whatsoever in selling…But many respond with ‘We haven’t considered selling but make me an offer I can’t refuse’.”

Such an offer was made…..and Howard could not refuse.  This sale highlights, what a special place the Chapin Estate is.  Speculation now has it that he is planning a new home at Chapin which will overlook Toronto Reservoir.

Pasch Consulting Selected by Howard Schoor For Online Marketing

Howard Schoor has selected the Pasch Consulting Group from Rumson New Jersey for Internet Marketing services to support the launch his latest award winning invention. The new automotive accessory will be unveiled after the Labor Day weekend and has already won rave reveiws from industry insiders.   Howard Schoor is banking on InfoWorx DRTV campaigns and research along with Pasch Consulting Group’s expertise in online search marketing to make his latest invention a winner.

The Pasch Consulting Group, was selected for their expertise in search engine optimization, social networking and online sales generation.  The company has hundreds of clients from around the United States and Canada who have utilized their Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) sales strategies.  The company was founded in 2005 by Brian Pasch CEO, a season veteran of the direct marketing industry.  For additional information visit .

The Pasch Consulting Group will be focusing on developing strong Internet visibility for Howard Schoor’s new invention.  PCG will be working in conjunction with another New Jersey website design firm; Jennings IT Services.  Joe Jennings, CEO of the company will be responsible for the ecommerce design and integration of the product website with the third party logistics companies.

Innovation from NJ Entrepreneur

Howard’s invention is classified as an automotive driving accessory and will be released in September 2009.  The details on the product are being kept under wraps, but here is a few things we know:

  • The product will be released after Labor Day Weekend
  • The price is set to be sold for under $15
  • Industry experts predict that the product will be a top seller this holiday season due to its universal appeal and affordable price tag
  • The product will be sold via national TV and Internet direct sales

Brian Pasch, CEO of the Pasch Consulting Group commented on the opportunity saying ” We are very excited about Howard Schoor‘s new invention. We see the product as a “must have ” accessory for every car in the USA and eventually around the globe.  This is a product that would could see in national department store chains and a product that would appeal to women, men and teen drivers. 

Consumers interested in being on the VIP product alert list can add their name to the email notification list by clicking here: Howard Schoor Email List

RE: Schoor sentence badly engineered

The Editors
The Asbury Park Press
3601 Highway 66, Box 1550
Neptune, NJ 07754-1551

March 9, 2009

RE: Schoor sentence badly engineered

Dear Editors:

ASBURY PARK PRESS FOUND GUILTY by New York State Psychologist and friend to victim, Howard M. Schoor. Yes, Mr. Schoor is a victim.

My dear editors, for a moment separate yourselves from wanting to sell newspapers or defending your lapse in judgment when you printed the “Schoor sentence badly engineered” editorial on February 11, 2009.

When you stated, “Howard Schoor, a prominent engineer who admitted bribing a public official…” you lied. The facts are as follows:

The Court records (from both the Plea and Sentencing) indicate: Schoor DePalma “the firm” provided engineering and consulting services to the Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority (TOSA) in a professional and proper manner. The Court heard, and the U. S. Attorney agreed, that: Kessler and Weldon solicited Mr. Schoor, not the reverse. Mr. Schoor did not benefit from the offense. Since February of 1992, some eight years prior to the solicitation, Mr. Schoor had no involvement in the day-day operations of Schoor DePalma; he didn’t even have an office there. Messrs. Kessler and Weldon never approached anyone at TOSA to influence a vote for or against Schoor DePalma. Schoor did not know that Kessler or Weldon had some scheme among themselves. The words of Judge Cavanaugh at sentencing and the government’s response:
“There’s no benefit to anybody. This whole thing to me is just – I don’t – quite frankly, I hardly get it.” And here are the words of Mr. Nobile (Government), “Your Honor, the record indicates that Mr. Schoor received nothing personally from the turnover of this $15,000 gratuity…” And here again, the judge is clear regarding what went into his sentencing. “And the instance alone (referring to the gratuity) has me a bit confused anyway. And there was no bribe; No one seemed to have received much of a benefit, I guess, except these two guys that got the $15,000. Schoor DePalma didn’t get anything for it, other than the headaches that we’re dealing with now.” “There was no gain or benefit, no victims really.”

Clearly, the record discloses, there was no bribe. Contrary to perhaps your good intentions and worthy desire to be champion of the people in exposing public corruption (which I admire as a purpose). you are, here, disingenuous, at best, in regard to Mr. Schoor. The facts do not support your editorial position.

You might want to hold onto your view that because money changed hands, it is for the reason you think, but in doing so you have judged against all evidence to the contrary, and that, unfortunately, puts you in the category of biased against Mr. Schoor and renders him victim of that prejudice. You must certainly admit that The Honorable Dennis Cavanaugh was the single individual, having read Briefs and having listened to arguments from both parties, in the best position to reach an unbiased judgment.

I don’t know your politics, nor do I know the politics of your county or state. I do know, however, that in all walks of life, forces beyond the surface influence attitudes and behaviors as they just might have on your opinion page. I would hate to think your inaccuracies were more than simply a rush to judgment based on lack of facts rather than on some other more unconscionable and devious agenda. I will give you the benefit of that doubt and not carelessly accuse you of a destructive nature that may not exist in the essence of your being. I wish you would give Mr. Schoor that same benefit. Who knows, it may even sell more papers.

It’s a hard, tough, often-unconscious world we live in. Perhaps, instead of expressing your disappointment in the sentence of Mr. Schoor for a one-time error in judgment where neither he nor his former company received any benefit, you could focus on all the good this extraordinary human being has done for society with his personal efforts and financial support of organizations such as Collier Youth Services, Centra State Healthcare, Temple Beth Shalom, The Sisters of the Good Shepherd, the American Heart Association, etc. In this instance, perhaps the public’s money would have been better spent on the pursuit of deeper truths.

I always cringe when people are lumped together and sacrificed to the zeitgeist of the times without due press process in the pursuit of facts. As you say, in your February 11th Editorial, “How about justice?”


Jaqueline H. Becker, Ph.D.

Engineer gets no jail for paying ‘gratuity’

Staff Writer

Howard Schoor, 70, a founding member of the Schoor DePalma engineering firm, was sentenced in federal court on Feb. 10 to two years’ probation for paying a $15,000 “gratuity” to Stephen Kessler, the former chairman of the Township of Ocean Sewerage Authority (TOSA).

Schoor must perform 250 hours of community service and pay a $7,500 fine for his admission to the crime. The crime carried a maximum sentence of.five years in prison and a $250,000 fine, according to Justin Walder, Schoor’s attorney.

Schoor DePalma engineering is now known as CMX and Schoor has no connection to the firm.

“I think it was a fair and appropriate sentence under the circumstances,” Walder said. “Mr. Schoor has had no prior involvement in the criminal justice system. He is 70 years old. He has been an ideal citizen with his philanthropy and charity, and besides giving money to worthwhile causes, he was active in working with them.”

In his plea deal, Schoor said he made the payments to Kessler without the knowledge of anyone at Schoor DePalma.

Additionally, it was the government’s finding that Schoor DePalma would have been awarded a contract to perform sewage projects in Ocean Township regardless of Kessler’s vote, because the majority of TOSA members also voted in favor of the firm.

Editorial Overreacted to Error in Judgement

Your Feb. 11 editorial “Schoor sentence badly engineered” about Howard Schoor was a vitriolic diatribe filled with misrepresentations and inaccuracies. Passion is important, but overzealousness is damaging and dangerous.

Schoor is a friend of mine – a fact I am proud of. He did not admit to bribing a public official, as stated in the opening sentence, but to giving a gratuity. There is a significant difference. The prosecution found that Schoor had long sold his interest in the engineering firm and was, in fact, only serving as honorary chairman.

The claim that the payments were made to enable the firm to receive more than $850,000 in work was false and slanderous, to both the individual and the firm. The government established that the firm received no benefit as a result of the act, which is why the firm was never indicted. In fact, Schoor Engineering previously had held the contract for about 20 years and was awarded the contract by an almost unanimous vote each year.

Schoor’s gift to a long-term relationship was wrong — he will be the first to admit It. In fact, he did and he is paying an appropriate penalty. Shame and discrimination for a man of his stature is a steep price to pay.

One of his greatest laments throughout the process was the need to resign from the boards of the various charitable organizations that he has supported for decades. The pall of indictment prevented him for raising monies for these organizations. One of his first comments to me after the sentencing was that he could finally resume those charitable activities publicly. Even good people commit errors in judgment.

Eli Kramer

Asbury Park Press

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