The Chapin Estate Announces Next Phase of Development and Sales & Marketing

The prestigious gated community of The Chapin Estate, which is situated on more than 2,500 acres of natural habitat nestled in the Catskill Mountains, has secured additional financing to launch rosextube its next phase of development. The company has hired The REvision Group, a real estate and sales and marketing organization that is slated to help launch its aggressive sales and marketing campaign.

ChapinCottageCurrently comprised of five distinct neighborhoods, each featuring five-acre homesites, either “on the lake” or “at the lake”, The Chapin Estate is a one-of-a-kind community offering many amenities, including the fully-built, ready to use Chapin Estate Lake Club, which features an outdoor pool, kid’s playground, lounging deck with pavilion and even a lakefront fitness center.

With over 150 homesites sold and more than 105 homes already built, The Chapin Estate offers custom and luxury homes ranging from $500,000 to $10,000,000. Backed by an award-winning home building and design team, The Chapin Estate has developed homes ranging from 1,500 to 15,000 square feet. Check giorgia whigham.

“In addition to our custom designed homes, for the first time at The Chapin Estate, we will be offering a pre-designed, pre-priced luxury rustic 3 bedroom cabin on 5 acre “at the lake” lots for the all-inclusive (land and cabin) from $334,900,” said Howard Schoor, CEO of Woodstone Lakes Development, LLC and Co-Founder of the Chapin Estate.

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A Home At The Chapin Estate

Moving into a Chapin Estate home isn’t like moving into a new home in your typical community. Each home in the Chapin Estate is built custom to the specifications and lifestyle preferences of the home owner. The Chapin Estate takes handcrafted home development to a new level. chapin lodge

Choices are endless and totally unique. Whether it is a lodge, cabin or compound, each home is built to the complete satisfaction of the people that are going to live in it.

If you don’t know what to decide on, the builders at Chapin Estate can help by providing you  with great concepts, ideas and floor plans.

Developed by The Woodstone Companies, which is co-founded by Howard Schoor, The Chapin Estate is your source for mountain and lakefront luxury real estate in the Catskill Mountains

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Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

You may feel like you are living in a fairy-tale if you are tucked away in the luscious Catskill Mountains living in the beautiful Chapin Estate community. With such tranquility surrounding your custom-made home you will get such a feeling of freedom and privacy.

But the Chapin Estate, which is being constructed behind the real-estate mind of philanthropist and humanitarian Howard Schoor and Woodstone Companies, also offers many amenities inside and out of the community. BethelWoodsCenterOfArts

One amenity just minutes away from the Chapin Estate that will entertain any music lover for years to come is the $125 million new Bethel Woods Center for the Arts and 60’s Museum.

This world class cultural center presents innovative, captivating performances, exhibitions and programs of the highest quality.

Located at the site of the 1969 Woodstock festival the venue, just over 5 miles from the Chapin Estate, this center for the arts inspires creative expression through music, festivals and exhibits in its museum.

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Amenities and More at The Chapin Estate

Moving to the beautiful Chapin Estate can be a wonderful life-changing experience. But, the Chapin Estate is more then just the beautiful homes. The five acre lots, natural wooded beauty and amenities on and off the community grounds also highly contribute in making this community very unique and special.

For those that love an active lifestyle, there is the on-site Chapin Estate Lake Club. This club features a full catering kitchen, exercise classes, a fitness center, Friday night cocktails and so much more. ChapinAmenities

If you are more of an outdoor type person the community has an endless hiking trail that will take you all over, so you can explore the expansive wilderness and native flora and fauna of the region.  Boating and fishing opportunities abound on the adjoining 2,000 acres of Swinging Bridge and Toronto Reservoirs.

Significant additions to the recreational landscape are the $100 million Bethel Woods Center for the Arts where music and history play on and the Museum at Bethel Woods the story of the sixties and Woodstock.

The community is also just minutes from the Monticello Motor Club. This premier racing resort offers a variety of activities for the racing enthusiast. For those that love theater and cabaret, there are a variety of Broadway-style shows being performed nearby on a regular basis.

No matter how you want to enjoy the Chapin Estate, this picturesque community has a variety of options for any type of lifestyle. The one thing that is consistent to this entire community is that it has been built and developed by the Woodstone Group, which was formed by Howard Schoor.

Mr. Schoor, who has long been a philanthropist and humanitarian is the President and/or CEO of the Woodstone Group and strives to make the community a rewarding experience for all its homeowners.

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The Offer Howard Schoor Couldn’t Refuse

As the Founder and former CEO of a national engineering design firm and experienced residential home builder and land developer, you can imagine that Howard Schoor is a man who has initiated, received and negotiated countless offers.  From 1997 – 2004, Howard was Chairman of Community Bank of New Jersey (CBNJ-NASDAQ) until its sale to Sun National Bank (SNBC-NASDAQ).  In 1998, Mr. Schoor formed another of his many successful companies, HMS Consulting, LLC, a land development and real estate consulting company. 

Additionally, in September 2000, he established the Woodstone group of companies to develop 5,000± acres in Bethel, NY, now known as the Chapin Estate.  With this as his background, it was only recently that he received the offer of a lifetime – one that even Howard Schoor couldn’t refuse.  A keen buyer had an eye on Howard’s custom built home in the Chapin Estate, although it wasn’t for sale.

As one of the principals of The Chapin Estate in Sullivan County, Schoor built himself a most unique home overlooking the Toronto Reservoir.  The entirely south facing estate was a stunning masterpiece that according to David Knudsen’s Sullivan County Real Estate blog, was “…one of the few houses here in Sullivan County that truly qualified as a trophy property.”

Although Schoor’s estate was not listed on the market for sale, he was made an offer he couldn’t refuse.   According to David Knudsen, “The reported sale has been buzzing around real estate circles here for weeks…”  The much talked about sale speaks great volumes not only to Howard’s skill as a land developer and home builder with a vision, but also to the magnificent value these Chapin Estate homes possess.  For Schoor, as a developer of this project, nothing could be a greater testament and compliment to honor his work at Chapin.

Knudsen commented in his blog covering the Howard Schoor offer, “Property falls into two categories-those that are on the market and those that aren’t…Some owners of special properties have no interest whatsoever in selling…But many respond with ‘We haven’t considered selling but make me an offer I can’t refuse’.”

Such an offer was made…..and Howard could not refuse.  This sale highlights, what a special place the Chapin Estate is.  Speculation now has it that he is planning a new home at Chapin which will overlook Toronto Reservoir.

The Chapin Estate


Less than 2 hours from Manhattan, in the heart of Sullivan County, lies some of the most spectacular and untouched real estate in the region – the Chapin Estate. The Chapin Estate is pretty incredible, a 2,500 acre estate with lakefront on two of the largest lakes in the area, Toronto and Swinging Bridge. It has the feel of the pristine Adirondack lakes, but is 4 hours closer to the city.

Development has been quite limited. The first phases (The Peninsula, Top Ridge, Misty Acres and Swinging Bridge) had 195 parcels, with a minimum 5 acre lot size. A new phase, the Preserve at Chapin is being developed with 188 non-lakefront parcels on 1,518 acres. There are extensive covenants to maintain the natural environment as well as protected eagle nesting areas and preserves for wildlife.The developers have exercised tremendous restraint, and could have probably made a lot more money with higher density or more extensive development. But from the beginning, they have taken their responsibility as stewards of the land very seriously, and the result is an unparalleled natural setting. One of the most telling things about Chapin is that both of the principals in the development, Howard Schoor and Steve Dubrovsky, have built houses here for themselves..

Chapin is in the exclusive league of world class developments, like 3 Creek Ranch in Wyoming, the Ford Plantation in Georgia, Hammock Dunes in Florida or Corde Valley in California. Yes, Chapin is pricey, but in that class of real estate, it is surprisingly affordable. 5+ acre lakefront lots run from about $400,000 to $1.2 million. On some of the Adirondack lakes, a tear down on a nice lakefront parcel can easily run upwards of $1 million. Chapin also has 5+ acre non-lakefront parcels, with access to all of Chapin’s amenities, starting around $150,000. There are no townhomes or condominiums, only single family homes.

The Chapin Estate is large and quite varied. There are lakefront lots on both Toronto Reservoir and Swinging Bridge Reservoir, along with a variety of non-lakefront options, from open meadow property to creekfront parcels to very private wooded sites. All of the lakefront lots available from the developer on Toronto (with the exception of 2 larger 8 to 9 acre parcels priced at $1M+) have sold, but a handfull of resales from current owners are available. Both developer and resale lakefront lots are available on Swinging Bridge. In general, Toronto is more expensive than Swinging Bridge, but a resale lot on a cove on Toronto might well be priced less than a ‘straight on’ lakefront lot on Swinging Bridge.

Chapin does not have any spec homes for sale, as all construction is custom. They do have their own builder but unlike in some developments, you aren’t required to use the on-site builder; you can bring in your own. However, there is an architectural review process to ensure that homes blend into the natural environment. For example, only natural exterior materials are permitted — no brick, stucco or vinyl siding is allowed. If your dream is a very modern, Hamptons-style glass and steel house at the lake, it just wouldn’t pass muster. Using Chapin’s builder, you can expect construction costs starting at about $250 per square foot. An elaborately detailed home, with wood carvings, hand painted tile work, and dramatic custom features can run to more than $400 a square foot. One of the great features about Chapin is that you can build two structures on your property, a main house and a guest house. So if your budget is somewhat limited now, you might choose to start out with a smaller house now which will become your guest house when you build your main house later.

There is no golf course planned for the property, but there are a number of excellent courses within a 15 or 20 minute drive. Chapin has a private Lake Club on Swinging Bridge. The first phase is open with an outdoor pool, lakeside pavillion that serves brunch on weekends, boat docking facilities for non-lakefront homeowners, a swimming beach and a large deck on the lake where yoga and Pilates. Tennis courts are planned. And while the use of snowmobiles and ATV’s is discouraged on the Chapin property, there is access to neighboring state land.

Like all great things, there are a couple of downsides. Property taxes at Chapin can be very high. The house pictured at left, a 4 bedroom, 3,600 sq. ft. lakefront home on Swinging Bridge, has an annual tax bill of about $28,000 Even a modest 2,500 sq. ft. non-lakefront home at Chapin can get hit with property taxes around $20,000. How you view this depends greatly on where you’re coming from. New Jersey and Long Island homeowners aren’t particularly surprised, because they come from areas with notoriously high propert taxes. But Floridians who have homestead exemptions on their primary homes, and homeowners in New York City (where residential property taxes are surprisingly low relative to value) are often shocked.

Another factor, which isn’t really a downside as much as a consideration, is that there is a requirement when purchasing a lot from the developer that you start construction within 5 years. There is an option to get a couple of years’ extension for a fee, but given this build time requirement, buying and holding for investment really isn’t a great option here. From the beginning, Chapin has been focussed on building a community and discouraging speculation in property here.

Resale Property. The Chapin Estate is now 7 years old, and we’re starting to see some resale properties come on the market. Over the past year there have been 3 lakefront houses on the market, ranging in price from $1.99M to $3.15M. As of January, 2009, there were two lakefront houses on the market in the upper $2M range, with a third possibly coming to market soon in the low $2M range. There are also 3 or 4 non-lakefront houses, ranging in price from $699K to $2.3M. Lakefront resale lots range in price from about $400,000 to $1M.

The Next Steps

If you think Chapin is something you’d be interested in, I’d be happy to get you more information as well as arrange an appointment to show it to you – and most importantly, help you decide if its right for you. Please give me a call at 845-468-5710 or drop me an email at Note that there is no price difference whether you work with Chapin directly or with an independent broker. There are also some resale lots and houses listed with brokers outside of Chapin that I can arrange to show you, as well.

Please note that if you’ve had any contact with Chapin directy — via email, phone or have previously visited the property with their sales staff — they consider you their customer and will not permit an outside broker to work with you. If you haven’t yet had direct contact with Chapin, and would like to consider having me represent you in the purchase of property from the developer or property listed thorugh their resale arm, Chapin Realty, please get in touch with me before contacting Chapin. If, however, yoiu have had contact with Chapin, but would also like to consider other options as well as Chapin resale properties listed through outside brokers, please do get in touch with me and I’d be happy to discuss options listed through outside brokers.

If you’d like to read more about lakefront in Sullivan County, or other higher end property options here, you may want to read my pages on lakefront and higher-end property.

I look forward to hearing from you. Please give me a call at 845-468-5710 or drop an email to

Every Autumn, Nature Puts on a Brilliant Show in the Catskills

BETHEL, NY, OCTOBER 5, 2007 – Every autumn, nature puts on a brilliant show in the Catskills. During October and November, the once green leaves of spring and summer alter their appearance and display brilliant yellow, glowing orange, fiery red and rich brown. As nature transforms the hillsides into a tapestry of color and farm markets offer pumpkins, gourds and other fall favorites, we invite you to take in this spectacular time of year at the Chapin Estate.

Located just two hours north of New York City, and less from Northern New Jersey, the Chapin Estate is a thoughtfully planed gated community. Originally an 18,000 acre private wildlife preserve, today’s Chapin Estate encompasses more than 2,500 acres of unspoiled wilderness, including two boating and fishing reservoirs, a private trout fishing stream and miles of hiking trails which are also suitable for mountain biking and horseback riding. The Toronto and Swinging Bridge Reservoirs combine for approximately 2,000 acres of pristine water among a heavily wooded landscape. Fishing, sailing, kayaking, windsurfing and swimming are just a sampling of some of the favorite pastimes. The Chapin Estate adjoins more than 13,000 acres of forever wild forestlands owned by the State of New York.

The newest phase of The Chapin Estate, Top Ridge III is now open, with roads and infrastructure in place. This section includes a limited number of properties featuring lakefront, lake view and private trout fishing stream-front lots. Many of these lots have unobstructed water views across Toronto Reservoir and are perfect to enjoy the brilliant sunsets and spectacular beauty of the Catskills in autumn. “At-the-lake” wooded lots start at $155,000 and “on the lake” properties are priced from $595,000 – $1,300,000.

“The Chapin Estate is more than just a place to have a summer home,” says Scott Samuelson, Director of Sales “It is a year round community where the winter is just as beautiful as the summer, and fall as enjoyable as spring. If you enjoy and appreciate the outdoors, love wildlife, hiking and fresh mountain air, then the Chapin Estate is for you.”

Leaf peeping season in beautiful Sullivan County is underway – peak color will last through early November, so make an appointment now to see the Chapin Estate in its autumnal splendor – You may never want to leave.

Back to the Garden

Decades after Woodstock, Bethel is a popular second-home town and good place to hunt frogs.


Published: September 21, 2007

IN August 1969, Bethel, N.Y., was a once-in-a-lifetime weekend getaway for some 400,000 people who swarmed Max Yasgur’s 600-acre farm for the Woodstock Music & Art Fair to hear rock acts like the Who, Jimi Hendrix and Country Joe McDonald.

These days, Bethel is among the fastest-growing towns in Sullivan County, town officials say, and has a thriving second-home community; its full-time population of just over 4,500 expands to about 10,000 in late spring, summer and early fall. Second-home owners are drawn because it’s only about a hundred miles from Manhattan and because of its many lakes and ponds and the availability of land for development.

The rural town includes the hamlets of White Lake, Kauneonga Lake, Smallwood, Bethel, Mongaup Valley, Briscoe and parts of Swan Lake. And while Woodstock patted itself on the back as three days of peace and music, most of those heading to Bethel today care much more about the peace (and quiet) and not quite as much about buzz saw electric guitars.

Suzanne and Stuart Novy, for instance, spend most of the week trying to block out the din of Jersey City. But on Fridays, they pack up to head north to their second home on Black Lake.

At their custom-built, three-bedroom house on six wooded acres, which they have owned since 1999, nothing much louder than the swish of a canoe paddle is heard. “All week we listen to traffic screaming down the highways and people talking at each other,” said Ms. Novy, who lives with her husband in a busy condominium complex in the Port Liberté development in Jersey City. “What we need more than anything else on Saturday and Sunday is silence.”

Mr. Novy, who owns a moving business, whiles away much of the weekend in a rowboat, smoking a cigar and fishing for bass. Ms. Novy, an instructor in an X-ray technician school, says she is content “talking to the rocks” and otherwise communing with nature.

Come evening, she said, they “say good night to the world” by breaking open a bottle of red wine on their dock and watching the beavers build dams.

The Yasgur dairy farm today forms the backdrop for the Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, which opened in 2006. A sprawling complex, the center has parking for 10,000 cars and this summer featured performers like Bob Dylan, the country singer Brad Paisley and Little Anthony and the Imperials.

Prompted by an “onslaught of new development proposals” in the last year, partly spurred by the performing arts center, said Harold Russell, the town supervisor, Bethel has placed a temporary moratorium on subdivisions over five lots. “We’re a small town that needs to catch our breath,” he said.

The Scene

Part-time residents like Eileen Grossman, a retired United Airlines flight attendant who owns a second home there with her husband, Stephen Rubin, a lawyer, said that when going out for dinner or an evening’s entertainment, she rarely puts on more than blue jeans, a T-shirt and lipstick.

Residents of Scarsdale, N.Y., Ms. Grossman and Mr. Rubin are now empty nesters. Several years ago, anticipating visits from children and grandchildren, Ms. Grossman said, they built a rustic one-story, four-bedroom, six-bathroom house with four fireplaces on five acres in Chapin Estate. Chapin is Bethel’s most upscale community, and its 2,500 acres sit on the Toronto and Swinging Bridge Reservoirs, where swimming and boating are allowed.

Blending farmland with new residential and commercial development, Bethel is also home to the Sullivan County airport on a 600-acre hilltop five miles from Monticello, and the Sullivan County Industrial Park, a 750-acre site owned by the county and its industrial development agency. Monticello Gaming & Raceway, which has year-round harness racing and video gaming machines, is in the neighboring town of Thompson.

In addition to playing host to children and friends, Ms. Grossman and Mr. Rubin spend long weekends exploring on foot, monitoring the progress of bald eagles that have similarly nested in Bethel and are awaiting the arrival of future generations. At night, they share dinners with other second-home owners or visit the Bradstan Country Hotel, for cabaret entertainment.


Many houses are clustered around lakes and have spectacular views. Sullivan County’s many waterways — Lake Superior, Toronto Reservoir, White Lake, Silver Lake, Sicans Pond, Chestnut Ridge Pond, Woods Pond and Filippini Pond — offer a broad range of fishing and boating. In addition, Bethel is just 20 miles from the Delaware River.


Carolyn Ledwith, who owns a second home in Bethel with her husband, Henry Sladek, said she has had to stock up at a supermarket in Monticello on her way to their weekend house near Lake Superior. As the summer population has grown, though, new shops and restaurants, like Benji & Jakes, which specializes in brick-oven pizzas, have sprung up near old standbys like the Front Porch Cafe. And don’t expect to get anywhere fast; those back roads wind endlessly through the countryside.

The Real Estate Market

The region offers a wide range of prices for second-home buyers.

Ms. Ledwith, who runs a cleaning service in Manhattan, and Mr. Sladek, an emergency preparedness officer for the Justice Department, were cramped in their New York studio apartment. Unable to afford a larger home in Manhattan, they bought a three-bedroom, one-bathroom Cape on an acre near Lake Superior State Park in Bethel three years ago for about $150,000 that’s now worth $200,000, according to Darren Wiseman, an agent at McKean Real Estate in White Lake.

The houses where Ms. Grossman and Mr. Rubin live represent the market’s high end. At the gated Chapin Estate, houses start at 2,000 square feet and reach as high as 15,000. The average 4,000-square-foot house would cost about $1 million, not including the land, said Scott Samuelson, director of sales for Chapin Estate. Along the water, a five-acre lot might sell for $600,000 and an eight-acre lot for $1.3 million. In July, a five-acre lot sold for $800,000. “Our market includes buyers who might have been attracted to the Adirondacks,” Mr. Samuelson said, “but don’t want to travel that far to their second home.”

At Black Lake Estates, a three-bedroom house with three bathrooms on five lakefront acres recently sold for $925,000, said Linda McKean, an owner of McKean Real Estate. It was on the market for five months. In other lake communities, many cabins are being torn down and replaced with larger, year-round houses. “But anything going for under $150,000,” she said, “would be a seasonal home or a handyman special.”


POPULATION 4,522, according to a 2006 estimate by the Census Bureau.

SIZE 90 square miles, according to the Census.

LOCATION The Bethel area is just under 100 miles northwest of New York City.

WHO’S BUYING “Lots of empty nesters from Manhattan, New Jersey, Long Island, Connecticut and Westchester,” said Linda McKean, a broker at McKean Realty in White Lake, one of Bethel’s hamlets.

GETTING THERE The trip from Manhattan takes about two hours. Connect to Interstate 87 north and take Exit 16 (Harriman), then follow Route 17 west. Just past the center of Monticello, take Route 17B and continue west into the Bethel area.

WHILE YOU’RE LOOKING Bradstan Country Hotel (1561 Route 17B, White Lake; 845-583-4114; has rooms, suites and cottages for $175 to $200 a night from June through October and $140 to $165 the rest of the year.

Correction: September 28, 2007

The Havens column last Friday about Bethel, N.Y., wrongly included two hiking trails. The trails, Mount Will and Androscoggin River, are near Bethel, Me., not Bethel, N.Y. The writer added the information using an online source but without sufficient research.

Come Experience the “Birthplace of American Fly Fishing” in the Catskills Region

BETHEL, NY, MAY 8, 2007 – The teeming rivers and streams of the Catskills region in New York have long been considered the “Birthplace of American Fly Fishing,” with fly fishing roots dating back to the late 19th century. It was in the gentle waters of the Catskills where such pioneers as George LaBranche and “Uncle Thad” Norris developed the distinctive American-style of fly fishing, testing out their rod making, river keeping and fly tying ideas in such pristine waters as those of the Willowemoc Creek, Wulff Run, and Junction Pool. Today, as the popularity of fly fishing continues to grow—with some 28 million freshwater anglers in the U.S. alone—the Catskills region remains a touchstone for expert and beginning fishermen alike.

For those who love the sport and are looking for a custom estate with private fly fishing streams and fishing lakes, an exceptional opportunity exists at The Chapin Estate, a unique gated collection of new custom designed north western and Adirondack inspired homes in Bethel in Sullivan County. The developer, The Woodstone Group, is offering a select number of premier properties on the lake as well as multi-acre wooded properties.

According to Scott Samuelson, director of sales for The Chapin Estate and also an area resident, “While at the end of a serene morning on the lake nothing need be sacrificed in terms of personal comfort and style in the many custom designed lodges and luxury cabins adjoining 13,000+ acres of “forever wild” forest and the sparkling waters here at The Chapin Estate. The best part – this piece of paradise is only two hours from Manhattan and even less from northern New Jersey. And what better time of year to see the glory of this location than now and into the summer, when fly fishing season is in full swing?”

The Chapin Estate offers miles and miles of untouched beauty, streams and lakes perfect for angling. Samuelson notes, “Our wooded views, picturesque untouched waters and miles of preserved trails rival the north west. In particular, our residents enjoy fishing our streams, fishing and boating on our lakes, with many more great fishing spots within easy reach. Our on-site Nature Trail Guide also guides visitors as they discover our region’s natural treasures.”

For both dedicated and curious anglers, Sullivan County hosts the Catskill Fly Fishing Center & Museum, located in Livingston Manor. “The Center offers many programs and workshops for anglers,” notes Samuelson. “These range from lessons on stream ecology to demonstrations on how to make an old-fashioned cane rod. What’s more, the Center offers some excellent catch-and-release fishing of its own, right on the banks of its runs and streams, all set on a beautiful 50-plus acre parcel.”

Writer and fisherman Austin Frances, in his most recent Catskills fishing book, Land of Little Rivers, describes the Catskills as a Mecca for American fly fishers. “Like the humble mountains whence it flows, the typical Catskill trout stream has been created on a personal scale that intensifies the feelings of privacy and intimacy with nature so prized among anglers,” he writes. Frances’ claims are backed by the many fly fishers who arrive in the Catskills every spring and summer to enjoy the lakes and rivers where prize-winning bass, trout, shad, walleye and many other freshwater fish abound.

Named a “Sportsman’s Paradise” by Field and Stream Magazine, Sullivan County’s fishing season has begun with state game managers describing the current bass population as “outrageous.”

Samuelson concludes, “I invite prospective luxury second home purchasers to come up and enjoy a personal tour of our community, our acclaimed home designs and our natural wonders from century’s old forests to more than 2,000 acres of glistening lakes.”

The splendor of The Chapin Estate’s idyllic setting is perfectly embodied in the available properties upon which purchasers create their “dream estate home,” “country lodge,” or “cabin in the woods.” Steve Dubrovsky, principal of The Woodstone Group and the acclaimed custom home designer for The Chapin Estate, explains, “The Chapin Estate is unique in that we offer purchasers the opportunity to purchase a property and then build a custom home to suit that particular property.”

Once a property is chosen, purchasers work with Steve and award winning professionals renowned for handcrafted homes that have been showcased in national magazines including Home Magazine, to create a truly custom designed and finely crafted home. Staffed by their own in-house artisans, Woodstone delivers homes specifically designed and built to reflect each purchaser’s unique lifestyle and personal desires, while always accentuating the collection’s natural beauty and balance with its natural setting. Dubrovsky points out that the community’s architectural and construction guidelines and covenants protect the environment of The Chapin Estate, and all of the homes incorporate indigenous materials in their designs.
Those who wish to enjoy summers of fly fishing and outdoor fun in a spectacular untouched, wooded setting, all just a short drive from Manhattan and northern New Jersey, should take a tour and learn about owning a custom home at The Chapin Estate. To set up an appointment, please contact The Chapin Estate at (866) 583-4900. For more information, please visit

To take a tour and learn more about purchasing a lot and building your dream home in one of the most beautiful areas of Sullivan County, call our sales office at 845-583-4900, or visit our Website, As Mr. Samuelson sums it up: “There’s something special in every season here at the Chapin Estate.”

Lakeside Community Debuts Concierge Service

The Chapin Estate, a prestigious gated community of rustic inspired estates underway in the Catskill Mountains in Bethel, New York, introduces new concierge service for its residents. This personalized service provides purchasers with a level of attention that further sets The Chapin Estate apart from other communities. Offerings will include everything from twice weekly home checks and arrangements for baby sitters to air charter reservations.

The concierge service perfectly compliments the properties of The Chapin Estate, which range from “on-the-lake” to “at-the-lake” locations among 20,000 acres of untouched forest and the sparkling waters of boating reservoirs in

beautiful Sullivan County, the “Gateway to the Catskills.” The service will be available at various price levels, with many services also offered on an as needed basis. According to Scott Samuelson, director of sales for The Chapin

Estate and also an area resident, the new concierge service was a natural extension of the community’s goal of offering its residents a second- home community above and beyond comparable vacation properties.

“The Chapin Estate began as a vision to provide estate purchasers with a second home closer to Manhattan and New Jersey than those found much further north. Within just two hours, purchasers can reach Sullivan County via Route 17 and Interstates 84 and 87,” Samuel explains. “This focus on comfort and convenience led us to explore other ways to better serve our residents, and to that end we are proud to introduce The Chapin Estate Concierge Service. Whether it’s signing for packages, delivering groceries, securing tickets to one of the headline performers at the soon-to-open Bethel Woods Center for the Performing Arts, or decorating a home for a party, our new service can help in every way.”

Situated on boating lakes, which combine for approximately 2,000 acres of pristine waters surrounded by 15,000 acres of woods, Chapin Estate residents enjoy a myriad of activities, from hiking, bird watching, fishing and sightseeing to swimming in the private Chapin Estate Lake Club.

The splendor of The Chapin Estate’s idyllic setting is perfectly embodied in the available properties upon which purchasers can create their “dream estate home,” “country lodge,” or “cabin in thewoods.” Steve Dubrovsky, principal of The Woodstone Group and the acclaimed custom home designer for The Chapin Estate, explains,

“The Chapin Estate is unique in that we offer purchasers the opportunity to purchase a property and then build a custom home to suit that particular property. Our collection consists of “on-the-lake” not on the lake, properties which are priced from $595,000 and, for those searching for a multi-acre wooded property we offer “at-thelake” properties priced from just $155,000.”

Once a property is chosen, purchasers work with Dubrovsky and The Woodstone Group, an award-winning builder renowned for handcrafted homes that have been showcased in national magazines, to create a true custom designed and finely crafted home. For those who seek to realize their dream of a grand custom home that reflects their personal style and taste, The Woodstone Group offers individually designed homes. Available custom designed features can include an open family room with oversized windows, cathedral ceilings, a gourmet-style kitchen with granite countertops and separate eating area, first level master suite, recreation room, patios and wrap around decks.

Purchasers can also choose from an array of appropriately priced pre-designed home plans full of appointments and amenities.

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