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Collier Youth Services & Howard Schoor: Changing One Young Life at A Time

Hillary Rodham Clinton said it takes a village to raise a child. It is a sentiment by which Mr. Howard Schoor lives. As an entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian, Mr. Schoor is a benefactor of countless causes. However, the Collier Youth Services Organization is one that sits nearest and dearest to his heart.

Almost a century ago, the Collier Youth Services and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd charity recognized that it would take a miracle to save neglected and dependent girls. And that’s just what they set out to make – small miracles every day. In 1927, Mrs. Robert Collier, along with the Sisters of the Good Shepherd charity, made it their mission to provide a safe haven for at-risk girls with Collier Youth Services. In the 1970s, the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Charity and Collier Youth Services helped transition the campus into a school to help both boys and girls affected by learning disabilities, behavioral issues and emotional problems. Since then, Collier Youth Services and its programs have served as a refuge for special needs children who might otherwise get lost in a traditional educational system.

With the Collier School, Kateri Environmental and Summer Programs, Collier Group Home and Collier House, students receive more one-on-one attention than their peers. Each student works closely with an assigned counselor, and there are also certified social workers, as well as regular and special education teachers. In addition to the state mandated curriculum, students can take advantage of trade classes including cosmetology, building trades, horticulture and food services. The mission is to prepare students for real life beyond the shelter of Collier.

Among the many leaders who acknowledge the integral role of the Collier Youth Services Organization in these children’s lives is Mr. Schoor. For more than 20 years, Mr. Schoor has rallied for Collier Youth Services. Mr. Schoor has been a vital part in growing Collier Youth services. He created the Collier Youth Services Foundation in 1986 and served as president for more than two decades. Thanks to Schoor’s dedication to the foundation, countless at-risk and handicapped youth have received a chance to flourish as part of the high school, group home and other programs.

Mr. Schoor has been such an essential part of growing the Collier Youth Services Organization that Collier Services created the Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund. Mr. Schoor has helped build upon the future-shaping foundation that Mrs. Robert Collier and the Sisters of the Good Shepherd Charity built all of those years ago.

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