The Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund

Mr. Schoor has long been a philanthropist and humanitarian. He has donated and helped raise multiple millions of dollars for worthwhile charities. One charity he is very dedicated to is the Collier Youth Services where he started in 1989, the Collier Youth Services Foundation, Inc.collier-youth-services

Collier Youth Services is a regional, non-profit, non-sectarian organization that gives at-risk and handicapped children “a chance to grow” to their potential through its specialized high school, residential group homes, year-round environmental educational studies, summer day camp and recreational programs.

For over 20 years, Howard Schoor has served as President of the Board of Directors of Collier Youth Services Foundation, Inc.  In 1998, because of his true dedication and charitable donations, The Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund was setup to assist children and their families in any of the Collier programs who may have a compelling need not addressed by other resources.

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Making Small Miracles With Collier Youth Services

Hidden throughout the greens of Central New Jersey is one Collier Youth Services School. But Collier is not like an ordinary middle or high school. It is a secret that has positively changed the lives of young people for nearly a century.

Since 1927 Collier Youth Services has become a place where students with learning disabilities, behavioral problems and emotional stresses can go to receive an alternative education where the classroom becomes more then just a place to get educated but a new family. Collier is a safe haven for students who otherwise felt vulnerable.

Collier Youth ServicesThe school has full time counselors for each student, six full-time certified social work case workers, and a mix of special education and regular education teachers. It offers a state mandated core curriculum, as well as trade classes such as cosmetology, building trades, horticulture and food services. It runs state standardized testing as well as college preparation courses just like typical public and private high schools.

For over 20 years, entrepreneur, philanthropist and humanitarian, Howard Schoor has been an instrumental part in the growth of Collier Youth Services. He in 1986 established the Collier Youth Services Foundation and served as its President for 20 years. Collier Youth Services is a regional, non-profit organization that provides at-risk and handicapped children with a “chance to grow” through its specialized high school, groups homes and other recreational programs.

In honor of his deep dedication, support and service, several years ago Collier Services established the Howard M. Schoor Humanitarian Fund. Because of Howard Schoor’s contributions, Collier Services has literally been able to save lives. To donate to this great organization visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor visit

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