Schoor Family Foundation Donates To Simpson Elementary School In Norcross, GA

Philanthropist and Entrepreneur, Howard Schoor and his foundation, The Schoor Family Foundation was excited to announce that they recently donated to the Simpson Elementary School in Norcross GA. SimpsonElementary

This 2010 Georgia School of Excellence, with school mascot Sparky, the Super Star prides itself in making every child a star!

Simpson Elementary strives in challenging its students to reach their full academic and behavioral potential. In return for these accomplishments, the school has been awarded with various overall achievements as a whole, as well as special recognition to its individual teachers.

With the donation, the school plans to use the money in a variety of different ways. This includes the Fall Family Festival, The Arts In Education Program, The Science Fair and School Appreciation Week, just to name a few.

To learn more about this award winning school visit and to learn more about Howard Schoor, visit

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Howard Schoor And The Brookdale Community College Foundation

With only so much in government grants to go around, the opportunity to get a college education can be limited for many. Plus with the price of college these days, many people just can’t afford to get the education they always dreamed of. Many that do go to school have to either take out loans, which they will be paying back for half their lives and juggle working full time at the same time to simply pay for their education.

The Brookdale Foundation Scholarship Program at Brookdale Community College was created to help deserving students, who neither qualify for state or federal aid, achieve their dreams of a college degree so they can build a better future for themselves, their families and their communities. These students simply “make too much money” according to government formulas to become eligible for grants and because of their situation they have to work more hours and reduce their course load which therefore delays them in achieving their educational goals. BrookdaleCollege

The funds the Foundation raises are made possible by the generous support of alumni, faculty, administration, individuals, companies and organizations who value and recognize the vital role that Brookdale Community College plays in educating people of all backgrounds in Monmouth County, New Jersey.

One of those generous individuals who proudly support this fund is Howard Schoor and the Schoor Family Foundation. A philanthropist, and humanitarian, Howard Schoor has personally donated and help raise millions of dollars in funds to worthy charities including the Brookdale Foundation Scholarship Fund. Because of Howard Schoor’s kindness and dedication additional students can now get the education that they didn’t think was possible.

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